Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Beautiful Game

As you may or may not know, the World Cup has started in Germany. I know what any guys thinks: “Maybe I can watch NASCAR. I'm sure there's something on Lifetime that's good. Oh, I know, I'll clip my toe nails.” But, don't turn over to reruns of Desperate Housewives just yet. Before you jump off the World Cup wagon consider some important factors in this game.

First, this game is “The World’s Game.” It is expected that over 1 billion people watched the opening game, Germany vs. Costa Rica, and at least as many will watch the final. How can a billion soccer fans be wrong?

Next, let’s look at some of the players involved in this tournament. Being an Anglophile, I’ll start with the English team. Just about everyone in the world knows who David Beckham is. He is probably the most famous man in the world.

Finally, perhaps the most important thing to watch for in the World Cup is to watch for the player’s wives and girlfriends. (You thought I’d forget didn’t you?) Returning to Beckham, we all know he married Posh Spice (Victoria Something or Other). But, let’s not forget some of the other European Supermodels that these guys marry. I’ve taken the liberty of picturing a few below.

Of course, we’ll start with Victorian Beckham, but she’s not all.

Cheryl Tweedy is girlfriend of English defenseman Ashley Cole, and she happens to be part of an all-girl band called Girls Aloud.

Linda Evangelista is a classic beauty. She is also a retired model and is married to French goalkeeper, Fabien Barthez.

Pictured here is English forward Wayne Rooney, and his mom (oh, I mean girlfriend), Colleen Mcloughlin. He’s only twenty.

Are these women hot or what? And, there's always a chance that during a stop in the game some camera will pan over to get a quick shot of Cheryl Tweedy or Sylvie van der Vaart. Heck, I'm not gay, but Dave Beckham himself isn't exactly an ugly duckling.

This photo array is just a small sampling of the hotties that grace the arms of these over-paid athletes. Go to Fox Sports for a nice little slide show where I found my material, and see them all.

This is the Testosterone Pundit reminding you, if there’s grass on the field, put up a tent, throw some steaks on the barbeque, and play some two-hand touch football with the sorority girls having a carwash across the street.


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