Monday, June 05, 2006

The Best Show You're Not Watching

Okay, there are about five people in the United State who watch the BBC on a regular basis. Most people think it’s crappy British stuff, and they couldn’t be more right. However, there are two reasons to watch BBC-America: swearing and nudity.

There are quite a few shows on BBC-America that are worth watching: Coupling, The Robinsons, and any Monty Python’s Flying Circus episodes. However, the top-drawer, best show you will see on BBC is Footballers’ Wives.

There are several reasons why this show is so exceptional—sports, swearing, over-the-top drama, but the most important is one I’ve covered already: nudity! You can guarantee that as soon as there’s too much melodrama going on, someone will come out of their clothes. Add to that, hot English babes with hot English accents, and what do you have? Probably the best show ever made.

I have only seen the early seasons of the show. All of the cast members who were on in Seasons 1 and 2 are long gone in more recent episodes, but you can still catch the old episodes on the telly. Zoe Lucker (pictured with Susie Amy, courtesy of FHM)) plays Tanya, the wife of the team’s captain. (Note: I don’t know the name of the team and don’t care.) Susie Amy plays Chardonnay (yes, that’s her name), the hot model who is horribly disfigured when her boobs are set on fire.

This is based on a soccer team, but it has nothing to do with soccer. It’s all about the chicks. It’s like Desperate Housewives, but with hot English chicks and actual, real nudity.

The show itself is terrible. It’s as if the producers of the show stopped in at your house, dropped their pants, opened their stink holes in your face, and blasted away for about forty-five minutes. That’s how bad it is, but every second of it is worth watching and smelling. Trust me!

So, tune into BBC-America and find out when the next installment of Footballers’ Wives is on. And, leave the volume up for this one (so you can hear the hot accents and girls swearing). You won’t be disappointed.

And remember, if there’s grass on the field, put up a tent, throw some steaks on the barbeque, and play some two-hand touch football with the sorority girls having a carwash across the street.

The Testosterone Pundit


Blogger parnellpr said...

Wow I can't believe its new over there. It is ancient over here and has just been cancelled. As a brit I feel I must defend the good reputation of british tv. From the sounds of things it seems as if we don't exactly send over the creme de la creme of our output to you guys. Also the bbc can't take credit for footballers wives, it was actually shown over here on one of their rival networks ITV.

5:06 PM  
Blogger parnellpr said...

oh yeah if you like what you've seen so far on footballers wives then you have much to look forward 2, comedy wise ( can't really comment on the girls looks). I could go on but that would be telling.........let's just say it gets camper and camper!

5:08 PM  
Blogger The Testosterone Pundit said...

Just to clarify for our hot female readers like Parnellpr, if I am not mistaken, ITV originally aired Footballers Wives. After it started to flounder, BBC picked it up and revamped it and ran it for a few more years. Now, BBC and ITV run it in syndication.

To be perfectly honest, all I care about is checking out Tanya anyway. I usually just rewind the opening episode of Season 2 over and over again to see her sitting in a floating chair in a pool in a bikini, recapping what we missed in Season 1.

The Pundit

8:37 AM  

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