Friday, June 16, 2006

Crime at Plumper Point

Just before close of business Saturday at 9:58 PM two thieves were spotted fleeing from the Lane Bryant store at the Plumper Point Mall. In pursuit was the night manager Roxanna Tripeldee, a mall security guard and loyal customer Betty Ladrass. The assailants apparently arrived at the store at 9:45 looking for a Father’s Day gift. When interviewed Ms. Tripeldee said “I thought it was strange, but business has been slow and I really want to win that gift certificate to Sizzler”. Everything was fine until one man began eating a box of chocolate covered mini Hostess donuts.

According to the police report; using the snacks as a distraction he moved to the rear of the store and offered both Ms. Tripeldee and Mrs. Ladrass a donut. Meanwhile his partner headed for the cash register. Before they knew what was happening the register was empty. The suspect then tossed the box of donuts into a dressing room. As both women lunge for the remaining chocolate covered treats the men fled. The donuts were small so the ladies were able to finish them quickly and hit the alarm before giving chase.

A passing security guard noticed the two running from the store and also gave chase. Unfortunately, he was distracted by the new Sony Play Station display and surrendered his pursuit. The two ladies said they lost them because the escalator was turned off for the night. Stating the staircase was too far away. Neither woman could give a description of the men, but recalled that they smelled like Popeye’s chicken and one had Sonic drinking straw sticking out of his shirt pocket.

The men escaped with approximately $62.00 in cash, a Butterfinger candy bar, 3 Slim Jims and a coupon for the snack bar at Wal-Mart. If anyone has any information regarding this incident they are asked to please contact the Plumper Point county sheriff’s office or the Lane Bryant headquarters located in the rear of the food court.


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